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Here are just a few photos (10) from the trail through New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I completed both states before I started toting a camera in my daypack. What pictures I have come from repeat hikes near home.

thumbailNew Jersey §6 – View from Mount Mohican thumbailPennsylvania §1 – Eureka Creek thumbailPennsylvania §1 – Rhododendron tunnel thumbailPennsylvania §1 – Mount Tammany in early spring thumbailPennsylvania §1 – Mount Tammany in late summer thumbailPennsylvania §1 – Mount Tammany in fog thumbailPennsylvania §1 – View from Mount Minsi in early spring thumbailPennsylvania §1 – View from Mount Minsi in late summer thumbailPennsylvania §1 – View from Lunch Rocks thumbailPennsylvania §6 – Carpet of Ferns