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This mishmash of photos (18) shows aspects of the trail beyond the scenery, flora, and critters.

thumbailSigns Along the Way – Maine to Georgia thumbailSigns Along the Way – Foot Travel Welcome thumbailSigns Along the Way – Road sign thumbailSigns Along the Way – Signposts thumbailSigns Along the Way – Porcupine warning thumbailMy artwork thumbailFooting – A sample of footbridges thumbailFooting – Embankment staircase thumbailFooting – Ladder on ledge thumbailFooting – Puncheons over soggy stretch thumbailFooting – A simple aid thumbailStiles (1) thumbailStiles (2) thumbailShelter – Governor Clement thumbailShelter – Nature calls (1) thumbailShelter – Nature calls (2) thumbailPower lines thumbailSeeing with your feet