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Most of the tropical flora I viewed was new to me. I am missing many names and likely have misidentified flora as well. If you know better, kindly shoot me an email with corrections.

32 photos.

thumbailPapaya tree thumbailUnknown – pink eyes thumbailBig succulent thumbailUnknown – bee treat thumbailHapu'u pulu (1) thumbailHapu'u pulu (2) thumbailHapu'u pulu (3) thumbailFunky ferns thumbailPioneers thumbailBamboo Orchids thumbailWater lilies thumbailCoconut seedlings thumbailHibiscus thumbailTaro thumbailUnknown – yellow-flower tree thumbailBeehive Ginger thumbailIndonesian and Chocolate Ball Ginger thumbailFirecracker Heliconia thumbailHanging Lobster Claw thumbailAssorted Heliconia thumbailOrchid growing from tree trunk thumbailTi Plant (1) thumbailTi Plant (2) thumbailPineapple thumbailAnthurium thumbailAssorted – botanical garden (1) thumbailAssorted – botanical garden (2) thumbailEye-catching tree roots (1) thumbailEye-catching tree roots (2) thumbailBanyan Tree thumbailBeach flower (1) thumbailBeach flower (2)